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Default where to put a wiper thread ??? why not here

I have been a huge fan of our PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades for some time, this is why.

Last night I was over at a friends house he looked pretty PO'd and he was cleaning his truck. He claimed a large bug made a valiant effort to get all the way through his windshield so, he was washing things up. I know it's just a big bug splat but, JUST last week he ran through a construction zone that splattered tar all up the front of his truck. He had to use Lacquer Thinner to clean it all off the windshield and followed it up with a 50/50 alcohol and water wipe down and then finally Windex. So, at that point that windshield was as clean as it could be and the initial silicone treatment that comes with the blades was removed.

Fast forward to last night and after just a week of wiper use you can clearly see the blades have re-deposited a new thin layer of silicone back onto the window to repel water JUST like they claim. Very cool.

They are available for most cars and trucks and can be found using this LINK

here's the pictorial proof

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