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Default Wanted to get this out there

Hey everyone. Just wanted to post up in regards to how we operate our business here at Clear Car Armor with regards to customer's cars.

In lieu of the recent incident with a customer's car being driven at Arctic Imports (who I have had work on my Audi multiple times with no problems) and then a rumor or heresay regarding a unique vehicle for Alaska that we worked on where someone told someone that the owner of this particular vehicle said that we had driven the car while in our care, we HAVE NEVER and NEVER WILL drive a customer's car or rally it or anything even close to that. Yes, the vehicles get moved in out of bays for work, but that is the extent of it. I am and only employ car enthusiasts. We love cars and that is why we are in the business. I am not sure if this makes sense, but there is a certain respect that a true car enthusiast has for ANY car and we all have that here. We would hope that customers would feel safe leaving their cars in our hands, especially given that we are lucky to work on unique, custom, and high-end vehicles on a regular basis. If there ever is an incident or accident, I will go above and beyond to rectify the problem and make sure the owner is satisfied regardless if I lose money or not. Which, with this vehicle that we are being accused of driving (again...heresay of owner telling sales guy telling another good customer of ours), where we did have an incident here while working on it, the damage was not only fixed but I felt so bad that it even happened that I gave almost $2k in services for free (damage cost was signficantly less than that).

Anyway, I realize this is a small town. I pride myself on having great customer service and having a group of employees who are trustworthy and dedicated to doing their best work. We hope every customer leaves with a good experience. So if anyone has heard anything or is every concerned about having us work on their vehicles, come by the shop and meet us, see our work and our operation. We aren't out mobbing customer vehicles regardless of how fast, exotic, or cool they are.

Thanks and happy driving!

Have a safe 4th!

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