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First of all.

Great post.
My IACV is a different type than the one depicted in the pictures but reading through this post was very helpful for me as an inspiration to clean my IACV :-)

I am new in here and may be a slight misfit.. Driving a Legacy and living in Europe :-) But I feel I wanna add something here.

Originally Posted by eXotek View Post
anyone have any coment on this? My engine looks like that too, 2003 Impreza TS. where is the IAVC?
The IACV is the unit found on top of the throttle body right after the air filter.
it's the one with a blue label in the picture.

I just cleaned the IACV on my 2000 Legacy Stationcar.
I used alcohol and cotton swabs.
I took some pictures with my phone and if anyone wants to see I'll upload them somewhere.
On this model there is no need for any gaskets. There is a small rubber ring on the IACV and that should be reusable.
However, be careful with the screws. I used a flat-head screwdriver as mentioned in the first post. The screws were quite stuck so I soaked them in WD40 for a while before being able to loosen them without using too much force.

I can recommend the job!
I have only had very short trips in the car since I did it so I am still uncertain of the actual outcome but I do believe I gained not only better idling from it.

I was feeling lots of vibrations in the car while idling, the rpms would stay solid (most of the time..) but I would still feel the car shaking a lot.
And when driving at very slow speed only lightly touching the accelerator in first gear the car was prone to skip and jump a bit much.
When releasing the foot from the accelerator the engine would drop to very low rpms before picking up again and settling on the idle level of approx. 700rpms.
I believe that cleaning the IACV helped on all above mentioned issues.
Maybe it didn't quite solve the vibrations while idling but I can't really say until I have had a few more trips in the car.
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