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Originally Posted by whatishe View Post
Maybe lose isn't the right word; not in spec is what the "autotopsy" shows. My mechanic says it was out of spec by a significant amount, but that when it went, it kept spinning, grinding the crank down like a lathe instead of seizing and snapping the rod.
Ya, thats generally in my experience not because it was too loose. Generally this is developed from a lack of lubrication reaching the bearings for whatever reason. Looser tends to allow more oil flow, and prevent seizing longer.

Its almost impossible to check how much it was out of spec once its spun- you've lost material, and therefore the spec is all over the place- and not representative of the spec of the bearing when it was installed. No doubt that the bearing failed, just the aspect of its failure may not have been the bearing being loose. There is not enough evidence left over to decide what the problem really was.
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