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Default Whirring/humming

Sounds as though it is coming from the rear somewhere..totally dependent on wheel speed, not engine related. sounds like a whirring turbine, low pitched..increases as my speed increases, and sort of spools down as i slow...

it did it temporarily last week for maybe 1 minute, and a week before it did it shortly...but the last few days it has been constant unchanging.

a bearing surely sounds like...though i dont know much about these cars specifically, i come from driving a cherokee.

noise does not change whether im on accel or decel or coast or i dont think its a diff issue...or could it be?

i jacked the car up in the rear and tried rocking the wheels, and got no movement there, which leads me to believe it isnt wheel bearing related...but like i said i am new to these cars.

its a 2000 impreza RS with an automatic tranny
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