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I've got the best of both worlds right here for you (pickup & pan)....

The information I've collected is mostly from track dedicated cars and engine builders that I consult with. Lots of the guys I know that track also run the oil level high to compensate for the increased consumption seen during a race. 5 - 5 1/4 quarts, which is almost a quart over the 'full' mark (on the EJ25 pans). This is especially important on circuits with aggressive corners that also crest a hill. I can't tell you squat about mega hp drag cars because that's just not my world. I do work with a team in Germany that runs the Nurburgring weekly, and a couple of the guys on the team run older 2.0 cars and they've switched to the EJ25 pans (long ago) because of oiling issues. Now this is a big track with a B to G (about 1/3 of the track) is quick at 8 minutes. During a single race on a fresh motor they consume 1 to 1 1/2 quarts on average. By the end of the race (even with the STi pan, although to a much less extent), they see pressure drops on the hill crested corners.

Your correct on the 06+ pickups, on average they are 1/2" shorter than the 04-05 pickup and the tolerances are horrible (the 06+ pans are also a wee bit deeper too)! Beware, the 04-05 length tolerances are just as bad an are know to occasionally interfere and rub on the bottom of the pan, VERY bad!

With all this said, in a street car, with even moderate modifications, I think any pan will do.
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