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Default Element Tuning's Hydra Nemesis 2.6 Tuning Tips

I want to help you guys with any specific questions you may have in regards to tuning the Hydra 2.6 (only) so please ask your questions here. What I may do is start the tuning guide with which ever questions you ask first.

Here are some basics:

The first step in using your Hydra 2.6 is to connect to your Hydra so you can see the base map we've installed for you. Open the 2.6 software to tools/system tools/preferences:

Here is how I like to set up my tuning software. What's critical is that you assign the correct COM port so the software can connect to your Hydra. Only use a RS232 Serial Port or a RS232 Serial Card (please don't bother asking me how to get your USB adaptor to work because they are just too problematic). You can copy exactly how I have my software setup if you like.

Enabling the VE Substrings "AFR Error" is really great as it will tell you what percentage your fuel map is off by in the cruise areas. For instance if one of the load cells says 1.535 and you highlight that cell and click "Q" the Hydra will apply the 1.535% correction to that cell. The correction is based on what you have in your "Target AFR Table." Click "Save and Exit" to make these changes permanent.

At this point you can start editing your map to calibrate your WB 02 sensor and the throttle.

I will reserve some spots to continue with these tips.

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