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Default Tire Basics Questions/Doubts

Greetings all... I have a couple of questions regarding my next set of tires on My 2002 Impreza TS. I currently have 15/225/70 size tires with what appears to be about 60% tread left, on "standard" or stock steel wheels.
The tires are Yokohama Avid 4's, which seem to be wicked tires to me, I'll buy another set I guess.

My gripe with the Impreza has always been that it feels too "geared down", like 1st gear is literally useless after 2 feet of forward motion, and 2nd,3rd, and 4th are about the same. I feel like the motor revs up too quick for the way I want the car to behave, so.... If I go to a tire with a larger overall diameter, will that change the ratio of engine speed to forward motion at all?? I mean even a few percentage points of rev reduction would save me a hundred rpm's maybe, right?? I'd like the car to run at 2200 rpm's at 55 rather than at 2400 if you catch my drift.

I would gladly put a different ratio final drive in the car if I could, but that won't happen anyway, so I'm looking to eke out every last possible way of lowering the engine speed per foot travelled, there's plenty of torque for this IMHO.

Also, I don't need heavy cornering ability, I drive like a granny, so would there be any advantage in getting a tire with less width? Would it lower the rolling resistance and maybe give me some added gas mileage? The tires just seem a little wide for my driving style, and again I'm hoping for a little free mileage with a thinner tire. Is this nonsense, or a negligible difference?

Thirdly, would the ride be a little cushier with a higher "profile" tire, I mean the higher distance from rim to tread is the profile, right? I am prepared, again, to sacrifice a little unused cornering ability if it gives me a nicer handling of ordinary road bumps.

Lastly, do I gain any appreciable handling ability with mags over stock rims? Are there rigidity bonuses to some mags, or are they really just for styling?
I'm talking identical widths for comparison i guess.

Thanks for reading this guys, I know it's a little long, but I can't seem to find any other direct answers after combing through about a million previous posts..... The car is fantastic, but actually seems to be tuned about 10% more for hard driving than I realistically do, so if I can get a little lower engine speed, a little better ride, and a little better mileage with a larger,higher profile, and narrower tire, I'll so it.

Thanks again.
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