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You're absolutely right Yzer, sorry I don't know why I thought that. I had those numbers in my head for some reason.... Anyway, they're actually 195/60/15. Thanks, I didn't mean to waste your time guys...

And I should have been clearer, it is a 5 speed but 5th doesn't really feel undergeared as much, it's a fair highway gear with barely adequate passing torque, but at my normal highway speeds if I'm passing anyone it isn't usually at high speed, more that they are doing 40 on the highway. [/i]

I'd like to be able to use 4th more as a punchy passing gear, but the way this car is geared takes it to close to 4 grand for me to like to use it much at anywhere near highway speed. I like to it at between 2200 and 2600 on the highway, which gets me from 50 mph to about 100kph in 5th. Fits my needs perfect for cruising, so 5th isn't a problem, but it would be nice to take a couple hundred off it without getting into transmission fabrication.

THIS is the main reason why I'm looking into slightly higher profiles because when I do the high school math that I never thought I'd use, lol... it appears to me that with a higher profile I put more physical distance down on the ground per rev of the motor. Is is worth slightly heading this way with a larger profile, ESPECIALLY if there is ride and mileage benefits? I definitely could lean towards a skiddier tire, it would have little impact on my real driving needs. It's rare that I squeal or chirp the tires in my hardest cornering.

I'm just wondering really if anyone has noticed any appreciable benefits of going taller and narrower, it's almost always the other way round. I don't need any more acceleration, in fact I would gladly trade 10 percent of the acceleration speed for a more realistic powerband. I mean this car is up to 28 million rpm in first before it makes it across the intersection. I've never driven a car geared down like this, and frankly I wish it was more sedate in the lower 4 gears. It's got enough torque to still feel strong in the low and mid 2's, ideally I'd like to be able to use that range as wide as possible instead of going through the whole gearbox in half a city block.

Would I really be able to feel it through the pedal, Yzer , if I went to 205/60/16?? Would it be dramatic do you think?
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