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Default New MFactory Plated LSD for R160 (99+ Impreza/Forrester/Legacy)

Hi everyone. I recently stepped up and did a 6spd swap. Up until recently, when doing a swap you only had two choices when dealing with the rear end:
1. Upgrade to the stronger r180
2. stick with the weaker r160

The r160 diff allows you to keep everything as it is (axles, hubs, brakes, wheels, etc.) but is now the weak link in your drivetrain.

The r180 upgrade meant you needed to go with one of the following set-ups:
A. keep you 5x100 hubs (allowing you to kep your brakes and wheels) and have the drive shaft shop make custom axles to mate up to the r180.
B. swap out the entire read end, including STI rear axles, STI hubs (5x114.5) and new wheels, and Brembo brakes.

Those of us on a budget will naturally pick the r160 and a prayer nothing happens to the diff when pushing the ponies.

I personally didn't upgrade the rear diff to the r180 because I love my wheels and tires (5x100) and have $3k worth of brake upgrades. Going with the r180 would mean having to get new wheels/tires, brakes, hubs, and the whole sha-bing, totally upwards of $4k when all is said and done.

Well, we have a new option available... the new MFactory Plated LSD for R160.
- The plated units will be a direct drop in unit for all R160's from 99'+
- These are fully rebuildable and feature forged casings.
- Fits 99+ Imprezas, Forresters, and Legacys
- 1/1.5 way differential
- Options to replace the cam with a 1.0/1.5 or 1.5/2.0 (both fixed ramp angles).
- Pre-load springs are part of the design to smooth the transition of torque and eliminate chatter. This gives a far more precise feel and much easier to control.
- Lock % can be adjusted by re-stacking the plates (60-100%)

In case you do not know what 1/1.5/2 way means...

1 way L.S.D.- Specially suited for front wheel drive cars and 4WD car front axles. Activates under acceleration, and acts as a true LSD when the throttle is off.

1.5 way LSD- Activates under acceleration while the understeer is less than on the 2 way LSD. Recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2 way LSD understeer and one way LSD braking.

Two way LSD- Activates on both acceleration and deceleration.

Check out this thread... there is a group buy going on right now if you are interested. I for one hopped on. Only a few more spots.

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