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Not my airplane, not my problem.

[16:01] <GTF> farkle is the dick head neighbor across the street your parents MAKE you play with
[16:01] <GTF> and he's not even rich so you can't just use him to play with his cool toys
[16:01] <fish> who gives you crack every time you do.. bringing you back over and over
[16:02] <GTF> you just sit there with his piece of **** model airplanes
[16:02] <GTF> when you don't even like ****ing airplanes
[16:02] <GTF> you like trucks and ****ing matchbox cars
[16:02] <GTF> so you suggest that we steel a lighter and light all his ****** planes on fire
[16:02] <GTF> hypothetically
[16:02] <fish> .....I have a feeling GTF is pulling this from his past
[16:03] <GTF> then his parents wont even let you play with him any more
[16:03] <GTF> so it's like lighting **** on fire was the best idea you ever had!
[16:03] <fish> slippery slope
[16:03] <GTF> ****ing ****** model airplanes
[16:04] <GTF> they sure do make alot of smoke when they on fire though!
[16:04] <GTF> hypothetically
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