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-star mazdas currently and have been competing with the RX-8's 2 rotor engine, making 240hp

-i think a 3 rotor in the formula atlantics would be very heavy and cannot relate to Mazda's marketing platform as they currently offer no 3 rotor...but the same engine that is in the atlantics (MZR i-4) is also offered in many of their street vehicles

-with champ cars (now defunkt), they already had an exclusive relationship with panoz as the chassis constructor and i think Ford/cosworth as the engine supplier. 4 rotor, with it's very hefty weight, would not make sense in a formula car like champ car. and seeing how Honda is IRL's official engine supplier, i don't see them using rotaries anytime soon.

-yup, speed source in Grand-Am cup runs 3 rotors which make 450bhp. but in terms of marketing platform, as long as the silhouette stays the same, it works for Mazda marketing. since mazda doesn't make a tube frame rx-8 (chassis' are made by Riley in NC), it's ok to run a purpose 3-rotor engine.

-BK motorsports did not run rotaries... in fact, they ran the same MZR 4 cylinder that they run in Playboy mx-5 cup miatas or the Mazda6 touring cars (save for the fact the LMP2 motors were turbocharged and made 500hp). but the truth is, BK was unsuccessful in their venture and their LMP2 never performed against the likes of Dyson or Penske...which is why BK shutdown operations and Mazda switched the LMP2 program to Dyson (also with the fact that Dyson changed their game plan since Porsche dropped the spyder for this year)

here's an article talking about the various platforms Mazda has run the versatile MZR engine in (the article is wrong about Star Mazda, as again, they run the rx-8 13B genesis):
Originally Posted by DJSuperSoul View Post
if you are really really good, this graduated ladder makes no difference. you are fast, you figure it out, and move up. the hardest step is the last one...
hahaha, very naive outlook on things...

it doesn't matter how much talent you have or how "really really good" you are in racing, if you don't have the funds, you don't go racing.

and the politics behind the scenes is so frustrating for many of these racers that many of them truly are battling against kids with richer parents.

the ladder system is excellent that Mazda provides. the formula ladder is great and so is the sports car ladder. guys like Rafael Matos or Jason Saini wouldn't even be at the level they are without the help of Mazda's awesome ladder program.
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