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Originally Posted by ptclaus98 View Post
Meanie. Have to come in here with all your "facts" and "experience". Why I oughta...

I know, I know...

I can be like the anti-racing Santa Claus...

How about a constructive ladder:

Elementary School (Study like hell)
Middle School (Study like hell)
High School (Study like hell, lots of other activities, join the debate team)
College... be a history major or something.
Law School
10 years of charging lots of $ for all your hard work.
Formula Atlantic
Indy Cars

On Topic:
Racing is expensive, the reason you don't want to see things like three and four rotors on development series is that it raises the cost of entry, which is the biggest enemy to newcomers.

You can have different levels of HP for the 2-rotor.. 180, 250, 500 if you put a turbo on it.. all for esentially the same engine so you keep your initial costs down.

Proof: Spec Miata is hugly popular because you CAN get in to the series for $7,500 (or maybe less) sure you may need to have $25,000+ to have a competitive car, but you can get there for less.

Formula Ford 2000 - Zetec - might actually be a cheaper car to run, but because the low-end cost of a car is $32,000 a LOT less people are able to get there.

More people -> more attention -> even more people -> better chance for drivers to showcase tallent.

The Indy 500 is experienceing the same problem. The cost of a Honda Engine Lease for the month of May is $250 - $500k (depending on short or long program) The cost of a car is about the same depending on new/used, but because the rules are stagnate, there are no used cars being sold, or very few.

at different points in history (even as late as the early 2000s) a Team could put together an Indy-Only effort for as little as $125,000, get a driver who carries his testicals around in a wheelbarrel to drive, put the car in the field, win $150,000 for last place, make cash - who cares if you have a chance to win or not.

Now.. when it costs $500,000 to do the month it doesn't happen and we sit around wondering where cars are.

The same issue would happen on the lower levels if ease of participation wasn't given at least some thought.. so don't expect semi-exotic series ladders, no matter how cool the setup.

Jon K
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