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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by turboICE View Post
Yes, proper pressue is critical to wheel protection, but it does not negate the role tire height plays. I have had hits on roads that tore the interior of the sidewall leaving a bulge on the side of the tire and not damaged the wheels because of tire height and proper pressure.

The discussion was about tire sizes - pointing out the importance of tire pressure was helpful; the rest was the vanity of a narcissist. But saying it is fantasy and fail makes your argument unassailable and you clearly the much more informed person.

jesus ****ing christ

I have run 235/40 tires on 17x7.5 SSR comps---ya know the 12 pound ones!?!?!?!?!?! for 100+k miles on all sorts of roads and they are still ****ing straight

because I always run at least 35psi


I dont give a rats ass what anybody thinks.......but I see a LOT of bent wheel posts and mine are STRAIGHT

YOU tell ME what the ****ing issue REALLY is
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