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Originally Posted by 09rexwagon View Post
Have you ever had a car that was in a relatively significant accident that was 'fixed' via an insurance claim that you were 100% (not 95%, not 98%) satisfied after the repairs were performed. I'm going to answer the question for you....either A) you have never been in a bad enough accident or B) no.

When an insurance company pays a shop to fix a car, you are in the middle and have very little clout to make sure it is done right. If you allow it to get fixed, yes, you may think that if you are dissatisfied, its under warranty but then the shop tells you to contact the insurance company. The insurance company tells you that the claim is close and the monies have been disbursed. Then you start raising hell with the shop and they tell you that they did what they could do with the money that the insurance company sent them and if you want that b-pillar molding to stop rattling then you would have had to have the insurance company send more money from the get go. It turns into such a head ache, that most people give up and live with it. I'm more proactive than that if I were to get into an accident that resulted in myself being in this situation, which hasn't happened. But in every case I have known of where the damage was bordering totaling or not totaling, the person involved was not satisfied with the repairs.

I was just voicing my knowledge based on numerous situations that I personally know of, so someone (the OP) is aware of a small subset of people in this same situation and how their situation materializes. are just not in reality

and 'borderline totaled' is totaled

a bent ****ing fender is just that

a competent person can take 5 total wrecks and make 2 cars outa them that you would never be able to tell they were wrecked
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