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Originally Posted by AliBenn View Post
ding ding we have a winner!

09rex===> sounds like your bodyshops are just plain bad in your area
$5k is nothing for a CRV estimate(not to minimize you mom's axx)

if the bodyshop didnt fix it right, dont bitch about the insurance comapany,
bitch about the shop that did not rpr the damage correctly. or did not give proper customer service to your family.

insurance companies PAY for the damage to be REPAIRED
REPAIR the DAMAGE caused by they're at fault insured

insurance dmg appraiser for 12years
Those are valid points that actually reinforce my point. I thought there was 8-9k in damage to my Mom's car, but the quote came back for 5k and therefore the insurance company is well, lets fix because it is within our fixable threshold (car is probably only worth 10k right now...that's besides the point). So what the shop did was repair 5k worth of work since that's what the insurance company gave them. There are body panels that don't go together right, the rear fold out 'door/hitch' kind of sags and when you close it, it has to 'jump' up a bit at the end on top of the fact that the color doesn't match the rest of the car perfectly even though the whole door was ordered from Honda prepainted. The exhaust isn't hung right. The 'well' where the spare tire and that dumb picnic table is still dented. I'm sure the sub frame did not get straightened correctly. The HVAC system now has a slight buzz/hum when it is on. The B pillar rattles over bumps. The rear fold down seats creak as the body flexes on unsmooth roads or speed bumps. So there is still 3-4k of repairs that need to be done.

Pre accident, the car was probably only worth 16-17k. How is it that they didn't total it since even 5k is more than 20-25%? This is regardless of the fact that the repairs probably required even more repairs than the quote.

So what power does the person not at fault in the accident have over a crappy situation like this? Next to none.

I'm glad my wife got me grandfathered into USAA. I know this wouldn't happen to me. My brother an law totaled an e36 M3 that he paid 14k for, USAA gave him 17k for it and then he bought a one year older e36 M3 and his parents premium end up going DOWN!
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