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Originally Posted by blackjak View Post
We veterans (technically, I'm not a vet until I get her back) might have Carfax issues but I don't mind as much because I plan on keeping her since fun cars like this may be sacrificed at the alter of fuel efficiency/carbon etc.

What I wish to know is since we really don't know cause, we really can't predict what will occur with the new engine. What happens if it fails again - will a new LB roll down to my dealer again? Does it depend on when? Subaru would be losing a lot of money on my car I imagine and businesses really don't like to lose money as far as I can tell. I guess I need to ask service some hard questions about future problems...
Celly's right, bad castings of the rod bearings. Just got my car back this morning.....WOOHOO!!! Seems to be all good as new, thus far. I've put about 50 miles on it today in traffic and on the highway. Seems to be running great, thus far and tying this while kocking very hard on wood. Only time will tell from here. As far as the "what if" this happens again, or something else breaks due to the original problem, you can bet SoA willbe taking care of that too. Without and extended warranty, these issues are all covered under the standard powertrain warranty, and further if you get the extended warranty (hopefully from Subaru...and if they tell me it's illegal for them to give me an extended warranty, I'm asking them to then sell it to me for a $1.00, more than one way to skin a cat. Anyhow, Blackjack, when you get it back try to forget the horrible week or so you've been without and get back to driving it like it was meant to be driven...after re-break in of course. Good luck and I will keep you all posted on any SoA issues or further problems. Peace out.
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