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2006 Baja Turbo

Default driveability problem with '06 Baja Turbo; need your thoughts

I have a 2006 Baja Turbo with auto transmission. Approx 51,000 miles.

While driving the car, the engine seems to be losing power and revs on-and-off, about every second or half-second, as if I was fluttering the gas pedal. I'm steady on the gas pedal, but the car acts like the fuel is being cut off or reduced every half-second or so. So it feels like surging on and off.
Its noticeable at light throttle, and at full throttle, but its worst when I'm anywhere in mid-throttle.
There is no Check-Engine-Light (CEL).

The car drives, and would get up to 90+ on the hwy when I tried full-throttle, but its certainly not getting up to speed anywhere near as quickly as before.

Last year I had a CEL along with the engine not revving or not being able to go faster than 40mph, which ended up being something having to do with intake butterfly valves (?) being stuck closed on both sides. It sounded odd that both sides would go bad at exactly the same time. The dealer said they'd have to replace them at $1,300. I posted on here, and you folks said that it was probably the electrical connections to those items. The problem went away the next day, so no repair was ever done. Now, a year later, this different problem has arisen, with no CEL, but I suspect this problem might be related. Last year, the electrical problem caused the intake butterfly(?) valves to stay closed. This time, I'm wondering if those valves are stuck in some partially open position.
Or is the source of the problem something completely different?
Could it be a fuel filter problem?
How about the fuel pump?

I can take the car to the local Subaru dealer, but I'd like to hear from all of you first.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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