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OMGHi2U Dave - General of the :unamused: army - I made something for you...

an unamused 'contact card'!

(obviously it has all the info, but I edited out the private bits to show to OT)

In my abundant time away from employment, I decided to wanted to learn how to letterpress print, so I found a shop nearby and asked if I could intern. I've been there a few days a week for about two and half months and having an awesome time. We make some really fun stuff. I wanted to do a fun project of my own and I figured this would be a nice way to say 'thank you' to Dave for supplying all of us with the greatest smilie ever conceived. (can you tell I'm slightly obsessed?)

How is this thing of beauty made you ask? Well, I just happened to document the process in order to show everyone.

It all starts with a design - you send an eps file to a company that makes polymer plates for use on the press. Traditionally, letterpress is done with movable lead type, but the polymer plate technology gives you a way to press just about anything you want.

You get the plates back (one for each color that is run) and start planning how you need to cut the paper to run on the press, as well as figuring out what type of paper you want to run.

I decided to run the yellow first because the black will look better run over the yellow instead of the other way around. You can see that the rollers are all inked up with yellow ink.

Make a few test runs to get the desired impression and to line up everything just right. The adjusting takes a while and it needs to be just right, especially if you're running multiple colors.

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