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spidey02wrx, twrx1, and elgorey,

On the subject of harness bars, an EMT posted the following dialog on the NSX boards earlier this year:

"Be aware that installation of a 4/5/6 point harness with harness bar in a vehicle without full rollover protection is not advised. In the event of a rollover, where the roofline may compress, wearing shoulder harnesses will prevent your head/neck/upper body from being able to "duck" and prevent injury. With OEM 3 point belts, when the car rolls over, the tendency is to lean forward and/or "fall out" of the shoulder harness. With a 4/5/6 point harness, your back cannot separate from the seat - thus, you can not "lean forward" to "duck" or "fall out" of the harness and your head/helmet takes all the weight."

One should think carefully about whether you want to do 4-point or 5-point or 6-point safety harnesses. Here is a further note from the EMT, regarding belts to use when you've got proper rollover protection in place:

"I can't stress enough the importance of having a anti-sub (5th or 6th point) belt. With a four point harness, any forward movement as the result of a frontal or glancing impact will cause the lap belt to ride up off your pelvic bone structure (where it should be) and into your abdominal cavity and lower rib cage. As an EMT with several years of heavy crash/rescue experience, trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want a lap belt putting pressure in a crash on your abdomen."

You may agree with what he says, you may disagree with what he says, but you will want to be certain in your position. As for me and my personal opinion and my approach to this subject, my impression is that the above information is spot on correct, which is why I put the Autopower 4-point race roll bar setup in my WRX before I start using my Shroth 6-point harnesses.

Here is information on the Autopower setup for the WRX:

$269.95 race roll bar
$54.95 removable shoulder harness bar
$54.95 removable cross brace
$100.00 approximate truck shipping charges

When my WRX is not on the track, this allows me to take out the shoulder harness bar and diagonal cross brace for rear seat use. (But, I only need a two-seater anyway, so I usually just leave it all in place.) Yes, one should "pad" the entire roll bar for safety. Also, Autopower does have a 6-point cage (and various other configurations) as well as the 4 point roll bars. Listed below is the full contact information for Ken Myers if you want to discuss the Autopower products further.

Ken Myers
[email protected]

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