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Default My ideal Outback Sport, the how and why.

This is how I would really like to have an Impreza optioned and why. Hopefully the marketing people at SOA are listening.

Vehicle purpose:
One and only car, daily driver, grocery getter, road trip car, weekend getaway. Utilitarian and reliable first and foremost, Fun factor is a close second. Otherwise Iíd be looking at civicsí and Kiasí not the Impreza.
2008- 2010 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport 5 door.
Unlike some I really like the look of the current Impreza. The hatchback makes it a great grocery/hardware getter and a nice car to toss camping gear in for a weekend in the woods with friends. The slight added ground clearance is nice for dirt road driving. I probably wonít mind the handling since I rarely go to the track with a car, thatís what my sportbike is for.
2.0 liter H4 turbo diesel, 150+hp, 250+ lb-ft torque. I want the efficiency, and based on the specifics of my personal commute it is more economical than a hybrid
6 speed manual from the 2010 Legacy/Outback. I donít mind rowing my own. A manual tranny is more reliable, efficient and requires less maintenance than an automatic. The added gear would allow a taller final which might squeak out 1 or 2 more miles per gallon depending on tuning and driving habits.
Exterior: Cypress Green Metallic/Dark Grey Metallic (from the full-sized Outback) I like dark green itís my favorite color. Don't care for the pastels of the current crop of cars, not limited to Subaru.
Interior: Ivory Cloth
Center: viscous locking
Rear: Mechanical Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) from the full-sized Outback.
This would be to add an additional level of handling/security on loose dirt or snowy/wet roads. I feel a mechanical system would be more reliable/robust than an electronic system.
Front: 11.6 inches (from the GT/WRX)
Rear: 11.3 inches
The more brake the better. I have a long hill that I come down every day on the way home from work. I used to drive a 2 ton car with 10.2 inch front brakes, the combination was very sensitive to rotor material quality. I learned this the hard way after turning a set of rotors twice in two weeks and replacing the rotors twice in a month. It might seem like overkill but the reliability is worth the slight added expense. Also, might as well fill the 17 inch wheels that come in the Outback Sport. I guess I could always scour junk yards for spindles and brakes off a WRX, but having factory support is nice. The parts are available, so why not.
Manual adjustable seats.
Heated. I donít like the cold that much.
Leather would be a nice potential option.
With no electric motors it is one less thing to break in my opinion. Same as the brakes I guess I could pull them from a junk yard if Iím really set on it.
Sport gauges from WRX.
Yes I know Iím not looking at a sport car, But knowing the temp of your engine before it blows up is a nice thing in my opinion. I really donít like idiot lights, I like the idea of a gauge cluster that gives me as much information as possible and lets me decide what is important and what isnít. I could always go with a set of pillar gauges or do the same as the brakes and seats, depending on the wiring harness, retrofit them from a donor WRX.
I wouldn't change anything else from the brochure, isn't this enough anyway.

Thatís my wish list SOA. Iím even trying to being rational about the parts coming from other Subaru vehicles and mostly in the same model line. One would think that it could be done economically. All but the engine and transmission might even be accomplished by a dealer for a price, hint. Any dealers out in NASIOC land think most of this could be put together for less than $28K? drop me a PM.

If the 2.5 gasoline engine could be coaxed to getting a consistent 30 mpg highway Iíd be very tempted to accept that option. I am fearful that the next generation Impreza will not appeal to me aesthetically like the current one.

The new Legacy/Outback doesnít appeal to me like the Impreza. I just canít justify the size of the full Outback to myself. The full-sized Outback loses the fun factor that the Outback Sport has.

In case the SOA marketing people are listening my demographics are: single, male, late 30s, engineer, $60k+/year, desert southwest USA.
Thanks for the forum NASIOC.
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