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Hmm, I wonder if I'll actually get this.

I believe my subscription expired in the last couple of months (for the first time since Issue #3). I chose not to re-up since there has been no firm indication as to when production would begin again. Also, since I am now in Europe, the $76 price tag was very off-putting. Why does it cost an extra $40 to send out a mag within Europe ? Especially as it appears to be sent out from Belgium, so it's not like it even needs to cross the pond to reach me. And if the cover price has gone up to $10, I expect that the overseas subscription rates will be beyond a joke.

I have no idea where my subscription stands at this point. I have sent a couple of emails in but they have been ignored. Was my subscription chopped off on the calendar day it expired, or will it be honoured for the appropriate number of issues I paid for ? Who can say ?

And, speaking as a European reader, is the DVD region free ? Do European subscribers get a PAL/SECAM version, or are we expected to invest in an NTSC compatible player ?

I am also very disappointed to see the magazine format dying out. I'm one of those who likes to read in the throne room, and a DVD does me no good there. If this is the way of the future, I expect to subscribe to the following Subaru focused magazine instead...

Also, why does the digital version of SubieSport cost more than the print version ? (This may no longer be true, but I'm asking anyway.) I would have to use my bandwidth, paper and ink in order to get a hard copy of the PDF versions, so shouldn't it be cheaper ? Even if the PDF version was the same price as the print version (used to be), I'd probably go for that instead of paying the international rates. But there's no good rationale for the virtual version to cost more than the physical version.

Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough. If a copy ever drops into my mailbox, I'll probably come back and give it an actual review.

Bye for now,
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