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Originally Posted by gilg2533 View Post
Wow, youve been a tech since 1986 and have the stupidity to say this without seeing the car? Im glad you are not my tech, you must be one of the least educated, and most opinionated and often wrong people I have ever seen post on a forum. To the original poster, does the tire appear to have toe wear (gee scotty maybe you should have asked this first?) if not then take the car to where you purchased the tires and complain, if it does how bad is it?

these kinds of issues are quite common with these vehicles and in most cases, when the noise moves when the tires are is a tire issue caused by an alignment issue and the most common issue that will cause this is toe

certainly, there are other possibilities....but, for the most part the irregular wear that a toe issue causes makes tires noisy even before it is visually apparent that there is a wear issue
and the information that is given and inferred, leads me to think that I'm right

and since joining in 2003 you have posted 15 times and one of these was to TRY to slam me

go troll some other board
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