Thread: ('93-'01) Pics of Subaru Team USA debut!
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Cool beans.

Hopfully this means one thing...

STi baby.

Look at all the STI parts on that WRX. Heck id settle for just the rear wing. But is Subaru is going to seriously back a US rally team, and they are gonna plaster STi all over the car. It would seem only reasonable to offer STi parts through Subaru. I mean look at TRD through Toyota. They are doing GREAT. So hopfully Subaru will take a hint, and allow for its customers to do the same with STi components. I dunno, maybe im dreaming in a perfect world. But it makes perfect PR sence. And with a rally car out in front of people to see, it could be the launching pad for the STi WRX to come over here as well.
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