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I was in 5th grade at the time. I remember specificly being in spelling class at 9 o'clock AM and having the wind blowing into the room, moving my pages ahead and back. I had no idea what was going on. I remember looking out the window and seeing black smoke.

Later on, my dean said in case of an emergency or a bomb threat, please be calm. I had no idea what was going on, and I went about my day, with a wierd feeling that something was happening. All throughout the day, the intercom kept buzzing people down to the office to go home. I was one of the only kids that wasnt picked up. I had to be one of the last ones picked up from school before dismissal. I said to my english teacher as I was walking out that everyone must have doctor appointment or something... It was really, I dont know, funny... or ironic.

I thankfully didnt lose any family in the attack, but I do know that one of my buddys mom died in tower 2. It was really sad.

I remember walking out of school with my mom when she told me that the World Trade Center was attacked, and that she wanted me to be safe at home. I said to her, (and it really sticks in my mind because my uncle and I were having a debate on which building was better, the Empire State Building or the Twin Towers... I chose the Twin Towers... and also because I always loved the WTC, going to the top and looking down on the little buildings is one of my favorite memories as a child... but back to the story) "Is that my favorite building in New York?"

I only knew it as the Twin Towers at the time, being so young. My heart dropped, knowing that my favorite building was destroyed. (of course being so young I had no clue that 3000 people were literaly cooked in a steaming inferno if steel.) So when I got home, I remember getting on the couch and seeing the replay over and over again of the planes, and the collapsing and seeing all the people running down the street, and seeing people jumping out the windows. ugh. Its just burned into my mind... even just seeing it on tv made me have nightmares about it.

about 5:00 PM I was sitting in the back yard at my house with the radio on sitting on my dads lap when I heard that there was also a plane that hit the Pentagon and another that landed in pennsylvania.

Later that night, I couldnt sleep, I thought that a plane was going to hit my house if I fell asleep. I went downstairs to my dad, and I started to cry, finaly realising that thousands of people died, and some people didnt even have a dad to comfot them that night after the huge tragidy that happened that day.

This is my story of that day, I wasnt really specific, I could keep going and going, I dont know why I remember all these details, but Ill tell you, I will definately NEVER forget.
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