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Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
that wasnt my point.....

my point was simply, if you're gonna go that route.....why pay for it.

I have absolutely no experience with an AEM, motec or Hydra so i cant comment on the benefits or downfalls of the standalones.

I was simply pointing out that all ecutek does is make things way more complicated than necessary since you need a license to tune it and it locks out other programs (romraider) from logging when ecutek is loaded.

I had ecutek put on my 06 sti.....then tried to switch to romraider.....the only way to recoupe any cost with ecutek is to take your ecu out and sell it and then buy another one. with utec and ap you actually have an item to sell without hassling with swapping ecu's. plus ecutek locked out my logging capabilities and it also locked out obd2 readers from being able to read CEL's. Pure piece of **** IMO.

AP, ecutek and romraider are simply different graphical interfaces accessing the exact same tables.

I wasnt answering ur point mate.. jsut making another point from ur reference...

i would go an aftermarket ecu with such a complicated build, so much more can be done that the standard ecu is not able to do. like i said u can create more intricate maps which feed off alot more imputs.. But tuning costs money so all depends how far u want to go..
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