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Originally Posted by Saj5DJ View Post
I do like this review I have to say.

Love my '09, with most of the same reservations as you. The rev hang annoys my head, I don't really find the seats too soft, but I HATE the surface material.

I never had a problem with the hill start assist, but, like you, I totally fail to see the point. Well, maybe not, I guess this car DOES attract alot of 'first time' standard drivers.

EDIT: Oh, and I think it looks great too! I preferred the sedan tho, each to his own.

I'd really like to ask you two questions though (and be honest!):
  1. More, less, or the same fun to drive factor as the '04? (probably hard to answer while in break in I guess)
  2. Is the 'ball-and-chain' factor worth it?
I agree the seat material could be better but didn't think to mention it in my review.

Dealer said the hill-assist was a government required feature - i haven't researched to find out if that's bs or not. Perhaps it does help with teenagers getting used to manuals, as you say. But I see no reason to make it un-defeatable.

1) When I got into the 04 WRX I was coming from an 02 Audi S4. I babied the S4 (until it was stolen) because i couldn't afford any damage or tickets, so i didn't have as much fun as I should have with it. The WRX on the other hand, cost 1/2 as much and had the road feel of a go-cart (in a good way) compared to the S4. I thought it was a blast to drive even though i gave up 99% of my comfort options

The 09 WRX feels kind of like a middle ground between the two. It's more comfortable than the 04 in every way, but feels like less of a 'toy' to have fun with. The [tons of] extra power make driving in a lot of every day situations much more fun - merging and passing are the hilights of my day now. I'd say I miss the raw feel of the 04 at speed and in the corners but love the new power on the striaghts and comfort around town - so I think the fun factor between them is about the same. I think there's a good chance that with a set of springs the 09 will take a strong lead though.

2) I've gone back and forth about the ball-and-chain. I got an insane deal on the 04 WRX and I feel like I should have done better haggling over my tradein value and the 09 price, so that's always in the back of my head. I felt the 04 was 'race ready', even though i didn't plan to race it. After driving the 09 for a while I was a little disappointed it didn't have the same sort of feel. Honestly, EVERY SINGLE REVIEW says the 09s are softer, so I don't know why this took me by surprise. But settling into my 2nd month of ownership, I'm really enjoying the comfort level that comes with the softer setup. For a daily driver, I think the 09 is definetly a step up. If you can get a good price on an 09 it's a great car and worth the loan. I think I got a 'fair' deal, so i'm 50/50 on my particular situation. But things like the paint issues :sob: make me question my previous opinion about the car being an "incredible" value. Manditory body work (i hear these chips rust quickly without attention in a lot of cases?) on a new car is unacceptable.
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