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OK buy Nates beans


....mmmmmmmm....lesse here

ive had a couple....but I bought a lime green 1972 Fraud LTD for $400 for a work beater...I was scabbin at a local manufacturing plant and the picketers wernt being kind to cars pullin into the parkin lot

that car ran great and took the abuse with aplomb and on the last day there, when the strike was settled, I came out to find it on 4 flat tires...about 1/2 the cars there had been vandalized....
It had about 2 gallons of gas and a bunch of empty beer cans in it and so I took the tags off and left it sitting there and caught a ride home with another guy....

dunno how long it sat there, rusting, in the parking lot but I drove past about 2 months later and it was still there
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