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Originally Posted by Sharkbait View Post
This time, my dog.

Why you should vote for him:

1. He has a cool name. He's named after Ayrton Senna, after all!
2. He's really cute.
3. Idjiit took the photo, and it's a fabulous photo.
4. He'll bite your face off if you don't.
5. He's way cuter than that stupid puffball, Oreo.
6. I'll continue to stay away from OT if you vote for him.
7. Nude pics if he wins. (Ask Chris619 how that eventually ends.)
8. He's kinda badass. He does cool things like lure coursing.
9. He was bred to hunt lions. No, for real.
10. Because it's just the nice thing to do. And OT needs more nice.

Baie Danke!
I bolded the part where I won't vote for your dog.
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