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Some more basic info.

Use your old logs to determine what timing you should run @ what boost level. Remember this rom uses Manifold Absolute pressure rather than relative (actual boost). So if you have old logs, you must add atmospheric pressure to the boost level logged to determine absolute pressure.

Load is determined in this fashion:

Manifold Absolute Pressure*Multiplier (0.0764448) + Offset (-0.00683594)*Speed Density Load Compensation (RPMxPSIA)
RPMS have NOTHING to do with load other than your Load Compensation Map.. Get that Maf **** out of your head!
SD Load Comp map works like this: 0% = 100% VE. Or a SD Load Multiplier of 1.0. A SD Load Comp of 50% equals a SD Load Comp multiplier of 1.50 - Please see below.

Lets do a reference:
30psiA (15.3psiG @ sea level)
@ 30psiA and 3000 rpms SD Load Compensation is a conservative 5%.

30*(0.0764448)+(-0.00683594)*1.05= 2.40 G/Rev

So @ 3000 rpms and 30psiA (15.3psi relative) you will have a load value of 2.40 G/Rev. This is theoretical...

Now IAT does play a role in the compensation so PLEASE don't leave it out it is VERY important to Speed Density. In the equation above we were assuming there was 0% IAT compensation.

Load has little impact on this map (other than Long Term Fuel Trims), knock control, and a few other minor things (that I don't use and don't care about! )

Also a forgotten note: This rom forces 100% Fuel Pump Duty Cycle. Its just an FYI.
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