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Originally Posted by Illusive View Post
Thanks for putting words in my mouth. At least I know where the mods stand on hipocracy.

#1 I pointed out street racing at any powerlevel is wrong. *edit* and I AGREE they should not be posted *edit*
#2 I am therefore, not making a direct comparsion or assumtpion that street racing is less dangerous than installation of illegal parts.
#3 I am making a point that your quoted goal of not allowing any illegal activity is in DIRECT violation of showing Illegally modified cars.

You can try to twist this and read more into it but those are facts, and simple truths. Are you really saying that every dyno posted in california with illegal parts has had the vehicles towed there?

You seem caught up on the thought that we disallow videos of street-racing purely because in and of itself is illegal, and that is not the case. There are more reasons than that. It's a simple rule, no need to dissect it- don't post street-racing videos. Thank you

Originally Posted by wadester View Post
Well that was rather unnecessary of you to say. I've never been personally insulted by a moderator, especially for asking for mere clarification. Interesting feeling.

Thanks for kind of answering my question though, however uncouth it may have been. I figured it was just because it was near impossible to monitor all the activity that goes down there. I understand the difficulty of your job, but calm down. I'm on your side.

You were not insulted. I only answered your question. My comment about 'if you need to ask why' was not aimed at anybody in particular, only answering a question that someone was bound to ask
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