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Originally Posted by JSarv View Post
Furthermore I'm not new to sd. I've been playing with it on my honda for two years.

Load reference will not majicaly make more power - but a consistent and controlable fueling will.

Log ipw and nothing else (since our logging functions are slower than old people ****ing) with your maf - then log it via sd - there is less variation in the curve - there is a consistency that simply is not present maf based.

But then.again it could have been the 2deg of timing from the per cylinder comp ( yes this was taken into account as total timing with a comp is logged -2 of true total timing

If so good.... But thatas just speculation as well
by your own admission, you had afr variations of .25:1 on the maf tune.

how much knock margin do you REALLY think you gave up compared to the .1:1 variation you reportedly achieved with SD load? was it worth 1.5 degrees?

there are so many other variables that can affect how the engine runs that aren't being considered. for example, what's the dwell on the oem rom vs. the group n rom?

again, you've changed the ENTIRE ROM image on the ecu. there are a lot of places where the details haven't been revealed that can affect the outcome.

i can say this with 100% certainty though: same fuel + same air + same spark = same power.
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