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NASCAR. Yuucck. I might find it interesting after I've had my labotomy from Nurse Wratchet.

Boring tracks(ovals, ovals, ovals. did I mention they run ovals), boring restricted cars, no technical development(pushrod, 2 valve per cylinder V8s? give me a frickin break!), nobody drivers who've lived their entire life in the 10 southern states south of Virginia (when they do run a road coarse, half the regular drivers chicken out), and terrible safety standards(how many deaths in the past 5 years? hmm).

And SpeedTV wants to have more of this over World Rally? There is a thriving community of rally and road racing in the US that is doing well with no TV coverage. Nascar on TV; I thought thats what TNN is for :-) Grist said the 2 liter Peugeot engine was cranking out 300 bhp and about 550 ft.lbs of torque!!! that an insance achievement technologically.

What the hell is happening to SpeedTV? I admire people like Derek Daly who refuses to jump on the Nascar bandwagon. I think he's a minority at Speedvision these days. I sent an email to speedTV requesting not only that they maintain the current times and hours of WRC (at a minimum) but that they also eliminate all the nascar show ads on speedTV during WRC broadcasts. enough already! 90% of the people who watch WRC don't like Nascar. Its like oil and water. They don't mix. So why in hell do they insist on showing at least one Nascar show commercial during every break?? Its annoying.

Enough of my rant, but SpeedTV has gone downhill in the last few years.
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