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Originally Posted by MRF582 View Post
I kind of disagree. If one type of ROM has internal changes that let the car make more power over another ROM then... It doesn't matter what those changes are. Maybe the stock ROM doesn't have the knock sensitivity programmed perfectly and the SD ROM does. Etc. We could sit here and brainstorm endless possibilities as such. But no one can question empirical data.

Run it at the track and see what the car traps. Or better yet, use one of these instead. Just verify the altitude change during the run... Thank goodness for GPS

Notice I said trap speed. I've come across WAY too many people in my life who, when asked what their car traps, respond with '12.xx'. 12mph? Wow, that's slow! I didn't asked for an elapsed time nor do I care!
Look - I haven't laid any claim to more power. I agree with Ken that there is a possibility of some changes that have been undefined.

How many times do I have to post DET CANS WERE USED - NOT SUBARU KNOCK CONTROL.. It was SET and monitored for reference but I wore my sweet Det Cans to confirm knock.

And as an FYI a 16bit ecu is pretty damn close to being spot on as far as catching true knock vs. something else on a mostly stock (stage 2) setup....

Yea I'm fully aware of trap speeds...

And if your telling me - setting up 2 road tuned maps - IE Maf and SD - taking the car to a dyno (same day, within an hour) and making quick runs/adjustments to both (just for reference sake) and comparing is not "comparable" you are full of ****.

Taking the car to the dyno on a different day, or noon vs midnight.. Yes there can be/is/will be variation. But running pulls with similar IAT's ECT's on nearly back to back runs is a fairly acurate to say the least, even more so than trap speeds (unless you compare on the same night, same IAT's, Same traction, ect.)

I'm not saying that Speed Density is creating this, I'm saying something in the rom is either different or our less than ok maf sensor (that VERY few people have monitored at a fast enough rate to confirm) may or may not cause some IPW fluctuation (very fine, but hey if you have an inconsitent IPW on a cylinder - power/det threshold will be lost)

SO - Again, I haven't laid claim to any power - I just stated a fact. Whether it be the rom itself or the accuracy of speed density allowing this - I don't know - all I know is the little bit more timing I was able to run and leaning it out a bit before comming to 93's knock threshold on that particular engine with NO physical changes and nearly back to back runs.

If weather changed during this "event" it would not have changed more than 1*F and humidity would not have changed more than 1-2%.

Also if you didn't read - I made jack **** for power on my car, other than being able to throw on an elephant dick for an intake (because I don't have to worry about my maf anymore) and gaining around 1-200 rpms of spool and carrying nearly 24PSI (38.6 PSIA) to redline on stock cams..

Thats it. If it were not for that i wouldn't have noticed any difference other than the response and smoothness that I was able to create with fueling - and on E85 and being cold out thats a damn good thing for me... I also had to use a 3" maf housing to keep from maxing my MAF out - I'm sure this didn't help a damn thing either...

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