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[15:53] <JGard> Molly's soccer got cancelled tonight
[15:53] <JGard> that's going to seriously cut into my xbox time
[15:53] <JGard> but she's playing tomorrow
[15:53] <GTF> **** it, play anyway
[15:53] <GTF> she a big girl and can keep herself busy
[15:54] <JGard> oh I will
[15:54] <JGard> just not as long
[15:54] <GTF> put some oprah on
[15:54] <GTF> bitches can't resist that ****
[15:54] <JGard> after two hours she bugged me asking if I was almost done
[15:54] <JGard> so I stopped playing
[15:54] <GTF> say no
[15:54] <JGard> and we just kept sitting on the couch and watched tv
[15:54] <GTF> problem solved
[15:54] <thug> haha
[15:54] <JGard> I was :|
[15:54] <GTF> you *****!
[15:54] <JGard> srsly
[15:54] <GTF> we have a saying in my house
[15:54] <JGard> I tried to explain to her today
[15:54] <JGard> this is my new shiny toy
[15:54] <GTF> "i do what I want"
[15:54] <JGard> ha
[15:54] <GTF> cept jvag been giving it back to me lately
[15:55] <JGard> see?
[15:55] <JGard> it's not as easy as you think
[15:55] <JGard> once you start caring, you ****ed
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