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Originally Posted by MRF582 View Post
Dude, clearly you are a flaming n00b. You were arguing your whole point about not having enough resolutions in the fuel map on a MAF based ROM? Jesus H freaking Christ. Holy ****! Please put down the USB cable and step away very slowly. Like seriously, stop tuning **** or at the very least stop posting on this BBS so other n00bs that are even n00bier than you won't read what BS you have to say and think it's even halfway legit.

Let me explain. In a MAF based car, you tell the ECU what AFR you want to run. Then the ECU calculates the appropriate pulsewidth based on what the MAF sensor tells it how much air is entering the engine. If you think the AFR table needs more resolution then you CLEARLY don't understand how MAF works. There are many MANY tables that govern the 'final afr target'. In my ROM, there's a table that delimits the minimum AFR to 12.98 if I'm above 88% TPS no matter what the Fuel Table says... For SD, I can see you argument slightly but in a MAF based car, it doesn't matter what the VE of the engine is!!!!!!! Air in = air out unless you have a leak in the system. The MAF measures air in! So if that is dead on, how the **** can anything else be off in terms of fueling? It can't, unless there are other maps that change the internal logic of the ECU that tells it to target a different AFR than what the OL Fuel Map calls for. Like the example I posted. On a MAF based car, I can confidently say that I can tune to any power level with an Open Loop fuel map that has only 4 cells in it. And if you don't see it then... HOLY ****! Stop posting please! There's enough misinformation on NASIOC as it is. Don't add to the BS.
Your going to tune a maf based FI car on 4 cells? I'll pay alot of money to see how ****ty that thing drives. If your talking WOT - Its possible, but best not let off the gas.
It just so happens that an RPM/MAF setup would be ideal, unfortunately Subaru uses a 2d maf setup - this serverly limits us on a well rounded tune. Wot was great in my car on maf. I could keep a pretty tight afr. CLosed loop <14.7 PSIA was terrible. Cold start was terrible. Throttle response was terrible. If you don't like it go somewhere else.

If I'm misinformed you should email Greg Banish and tell him he's a ****ing idiot/liar who should not publish a book. I finished it tonight and have changed my opinion on some things. But based on his inputs maf based systems that have use a 3d based maf mapping are superior to SD based EM. However, this is not an option.
But seriously, I cannot FREAKING believe I wasted my precious time trying to educate your worthlessness. Good bye!
I called the wambulance, they're busy.

Also, no ****, a SD ROM has less backfire than a MAF based ROM... Do you even somewhat understand the underlying principles? Because the caliber of your posts offer no such supporting evidence.
Do explain.. late combustion/left over fuel is what causes an afterfire, no? So when I'm running rich with little timing, does my engine know I'm not running a maf based tune? Are you refering to tip out? I'm pretty sure I can make my tip out worse on SD by simply changing a few cells.
haha I have no clue what I'm doing.. 15+k miles 340+g/s on a 205...(115k miles on the clock)....... I've been tuning my car for 2 years through its mods and just for learning sake. I've been tuning the barbaric Hondata on my Civic for more than 2 years now, well I tuned it for each season and have a map for each season.

So... Go cry somewhere else.

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