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Originally Posted by JSarv View Post
It just so happens that an RPM/MAF setup would be ideal, unfortunately Subaru uses a 2d maf setup
So the equation for engine load is what? And what does the Open Loop fuel map look like? Oh yeah! 'engine load' (a function of MAF) versus RPM... hahahahhaa, Keep digging that hole! You do realize that "CLosed loop <14.7 PSIA was terrible. Cold start was terrible. Throttle response was terrible." has NOTHING to do with the Open Loop Fuel Target map... Blame that on your poor tuning skills. Tune warm-up enrichment, cranking, base idle timing, tip-in enrichment, tip-in enrichment compensations...

hahahaha, you have SO much to learn about tuning a Subaru ECU. Knowing the basics of EFI tuning as your buddy Greg Banish has suggested is good. But that's not even close to enough to be able to fully map a Subaru ECU...

Also, afterfires occur on a MAF based system when metered air leaves the system before entering the combustion chamber like when a vent to atmosphere BOV opens. On a SD system, there is no such loss as long as theyre's no leak between the manifold and the cylinder head...

So you've been tuning for the past 2 years? Oh, LOL! I've been tuning for the past 4-5 years. Does that mean I know twice as much as you? No actually, I know much more than that! LOL!

I love the internet. So entertaining thanks to characters such as yourself. Good luck dude! You're gonna need it! Clearly you know more than the typical 'tuner' we get around these parts but still, you are WAY too overconfident in your techniques. Understand that there are something things that you are just wrong about. Even if it's said by someone who hasn't published a book. And if you're trying to say that publishing a book somehow makes you a subject matter expert then you have a LOT to learn in life overall.
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