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Originally Posted by MRF582 View Post
So the equation for engine load is what? And what does the Open Loop fuel map look like? Oh yeah! 'engine load' (a function of MAF) versus RPM... hahahahhaa, Keep digging that hole! You do realize that "CLosed loop <14.7 PSIA was terrible. Cold start was terrible. Throttle response was terrible." has NOTHING to do with the Open Loop Fuel Target map... Blame that on your poor tuning skills. Tune warm-up enrichment, cranking, base idle timing, tip-in enrichment, tip-in enrichment compensations...
Oh how you are wrong..
You have a 2d table. A number based on a voltage. A voltage based on an airflow. Your telling me, without any question added that an engines final volumetric efficiency is going to be the same across the board at a given airflow?

What happens when my VE drops from a drop in efficiency (turbo, you know the thing that whistles), in theory this could be minimal, but when inhaled air continues to climb and exhausted compressor efficiency drops or airflow surpass an intercoolers ability to cool, an engines VE will drop.

SO a MAF table based on a Voltage and RPM (which MOST GM vehicles come equipped with) is MUCH MUCH more accurate than a straight 2d table that Subaru offers. If your going to argue this, YOU sire a digging a hole.

hahahaha, you have SO much to learn about tuning a Subaru ECU. Knowing the basics of EFI tuning as your buddy Greg Banish has suggested is good. But that's not even close to enough to be able to fully map a Subaru ECU...
Guess so, glad god blessed you with the overwhelming talent.

Also, afterfires occur on a MAF based system when metered air leaves the system before entering the combustion chamber like when a vent to atmosphere BOV opens. On a SD system, there is no such loss as long as theyre's no leak between the manifold and the cylinder head...
So an afterfire is just unmetered air huh? Its not unburned fuel/combustion entering the exhaust stream post exhaust valve? That amazing that air combusts...
And rich is rich... right?
So you are telling me that more resolution is crap...? Your telling me an engines VE is 100% relative to pre-compressor consumed air? An engines VE will always be linear to airflow?

That when my maf tune goes rich and afterfires, my SD tune wont afterfire because the air is metered, even though its rich?

If Subaru hit the nail on the head, why in the world is there an eventual limit that guys switch over to a stand alone? Why don't the guys making big power run open source?

Why does nearly every tuner charge a premium to tune Open Source? Why do most tuners dislike open source?

^^ Maf based...

Have you ever had a big maf intake on your car? Tried tuning <ATM PSIA?

Sure some guys have done it, but I can only imagine how "awesome" the car drove. I've drove an "awesome" driving pro-tuned WRX that drove like a pile of ****ing ****.

I don't know what your point is? My point is, I have more of an ability to make my car do exactly what I want now...

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