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Default "Newbie bashing will not be tolerated here" Lets up the stakes once and for all.

There are no excuses for either of these 2 things.

1. Being too lazy to read the stickies at the top or reading them and feeling that you are the exception to the rule.

2. Being a dick.

I know, coming from ME of all people, but I am tired of it. We seem to have a new cluster of people forming in the newbie forum that seem to feel the need to name call and bash.

I propose this.

ZERO tolerance.

First offense, BAN. Period, no warning, just you come back and find you cant log in because your account is banned. Maybe allow the person to make a new account in 90 days or something.

We need to make this have SEVERE consequences to get rid of these guys.

Like I said, coming from me, this is ironic, and I know I tend to lose my cool at times, but I am willing to put my @ on the line for this.

If the mods are too soft (meaning not harsh enough) to do it, then a 30 day TO first offense, BAN second.

If someone calls someone a moron or idiot over a difference of opinion, then cant post for a month, they will REALLY think twice about doing it again. Or they simply wont come back. Either way, with 200k+ members, we dont need a bunch of new dicks coming in here helping perpetuate NASIOCs reputation for being a rough place.

It really bums me out when I see a post that goes like this

"I know I am going to get flamed for this, but (insert question here)"

When its a simple question. Even if its something that could have easily been found with a simple search.

In the cases where they should have searched, sure, guide them to the search button. If you dont think they should get an answer without searching, guide them to the search feature and DONT ANSWER their question. I am ALL FOR making people try to learn things on their own first if possible. But simply coming back with "do a search" with no explaination of how or maybe helpful suggestions of what search terms to use, is just not cool. The purpose of the newbie forum is TO HELP PEOPLE.
So either help people, or honestly, get out and dont come back. (obviously if you are here to get help, dont go away I just mean if you are going to give 2 word completely non helpful jerk comment answers, we dont need you here.)

Someone needs to handle these people, or just give me the power and I will do it. I have volunteered to moderate the newbie forum a few times since my reform, and the offer still stands. I guarantee I spend more time in here than the current mods do. Not that they dont do a good job, but I have the freedom to be in more places more often than they do. I have an iron fist sitting here on my desk, waiting to rule.

Even without that, if you see someone being a dick, REPORT THEM. Now, DO NOT ABUSE THE REPORT BUTTON. If someone disagrees with you in a BIG seemingly aggressive way, well maybe they feel very passionate about their viewpoint. Dont report things like that.

But when someone calls YOU an idiot, or calls the entire thread a bunch of idiots, or morons, or the like, fire away. IMO we dont need those people here.

If someone trashes a vendor or tuner, that DOESNT APPLY TO YOU. Dont report it. People are free to have their own opinions of a vendor or tuner, and IMO should be allowed to state that they dont like that vendor or tuner.

Obviously there is a line where them stating their thoughts and opinions on the vendor or tuner crosses into harrasment or just out and out "we are tired of hearing you, we all know your opinion, now go away" terratory, and the mods can deal with that as they see fit.

In any case, like I said, I would like to see, and I am sure I am not the only one, a zero tolerance policy, that is ACTUALLY ENFORCED, with very swift and harsh penalties. MINIMUM 30 day TO. I vote 60 or 90 day TO, or better yet, total acct ban.

Who is with me? If enough people step up and call for it, eventually the mods will make changes. They are good like that. We have a good current crop of them. Although Jack is a little old and probably keeps wondering why he cant make moderator changes on the rascal forums.
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