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Originally Posted by Audiosavvy View Post
My suggestion- use the Post Report clicky thing. We will handle it. I don't allow bashing at ALL in here, be it from Newbies or regulars, and will act accordingly.

Stricter action is what I am looking for. BURY these people. Just hammer them hard. 6 points for flaming does nothing to sway someone, They expire too fast and unless they get 4 sets of that in one shot, doesnt affect their acct at all anyway. I should know, I have had it happen enough in the past or in my head butting with the TXIC "moderators" It does nothing.

TO, on the other hand, will give them pause before they hit "submit reply" the next time.

Or bans, well if people start seeing people going away permanently, they will, again, think twice before calling someone a moron.

Why is it not realistic?

The rule is there. Its the rule, PERIOD. Its not "sometimes its ok", its "its never ok" So lets make it truly, never ok. It says it wont be tolerated, IMO, 6 points, when it takes 21 to TO someone, is entirely tolerating it. Well, almost entirely. Its the difference between a warning for speeding or a $450 speeding ticket. Which one has the most impact on people speeding in that area?

And yes, I am WELL AWARE that over the past few years, there are 2384724789327 times I would have been banned under this policy. If I can follow it, anyone can.

So would an immediate TO be realistic? Even a week long one? I still disagree that this would be harsh enough, and really when you think about it, how many people would actually get banned before the problem was GONE? Not too many. Word would spready REALLY fast that this person or that person got banned for calling someone a moron over something stupid.

The exception to this rule would be that we can still call Jack old.
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