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Originally Posted by NEp8ntballer View Post
I'm sorry, but in my experience in multiple forums there are some people that truly are morons or idiots. If we can't let them know what they are then there should also be a no dumbf***ery(not sure about how good the swear filter is on this site yet) allowed rule.

I'm not talking about stupid questions here, because what we may take as common knowledge other people may not have a clue about. I'm talking about people who run around making stupid posts and generally not having a clue about what they are talking about. My favorite saying is, "When in doubt, shut up."

I know what you are saying, there are most definitely a LOT of idiots on any forum with this many people.

But there are better ways of telling someone they are an idiot. Coming right out and saying "you're a moron" is going to do nothing but piss them off, and start a fight. You will never, ever, convince someone they are wrong, by calling them an idiot or moron. If anything, it encourages them to be more of an idiot. Trust me, if I can figure out how to get my point across without slamming someone, anyone can.

BTW the swear filter here is really ****ing good, it doesnt allow any mother****ing bull**** through onto the **** ******* **** posts.
on a related note, can ****ing mods see the ****ing piece of **** ******* words unfiltered? If so, that is some ****ed up bull**** right the **** there.
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