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Originally Posted by Davenow View Post
BTW the swear filter here is really ****ing good, it doesnt allow any mother****ing bull**** through onto the **** ******* **** posts.
on a related note, can ****ing mods see the ****ing piece of **** ******* words unfiltered? If so, that is some ****ed up bull**** right the **** there.
I lol'd so hard at this.

Now, getting to the point. I definitely agreed with you, as it seems to me, that whenever I post anything on these forums, I'm almost always getting bashed.


Originally Posted by Davenow View Post
First off, leave my taint out of this.
I also lol'd at this pretty dang hard.

Originally Posted by Davenow View Post
First off, leave my taint out of this.

I know a lot of people arent reading them. That sounds like something on the list of things that are not the rest of our problems.

Not reading the sticky is one thing.

Ignoring a big, bold thread title that says it wont be tolerated, is another. I mean come on, that puts it all right there. What part of the title "newbie bashing will not be tolerated" requires you to read the post itself, to get the point?

How about 20 points? We are talking about taking a slap on the wrist that you have to understand, 9 out of 10 people could care less about, and turning it into a gut punch that knocks the wind out of them.

There have been, in the past PLENTY of times where I would just absolutely tear someone apart, knowing full well points would be coming for it. Heck man I went after a moderator like that (glilly, which funny enough, we are friends now, all it took was getting drunk together ). And I know I am not the only person that feels that way. When I have less than 18 points, I could give a flying crap about getting 6 more. Again, I am far from the only person that feels this way.

If I got a hit that took me to ONE point away from a TO, guess what, I am going to rethink posting that.

You gotta make it hit harder to get the point across. Make it harsh enough that people arent willing to just take the points in order to post whatever it is.
And OMG do you have a point there! If everyone just thought like you, I think a lot more would run smoother (and no, that's NOT exaggeration)
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