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Default Serious question, how do other members get out of being harassed by wannabe racers?

So I'm driving home from work around 1:30 am Thursday when a honda s2000 flies by me. It slows down to match my speed then takes off again. Now I'm thirty years old, I have no interest in racing anyone especially not some jackass on a darkened highway in the middle of deer season. So I slow down, hoping he'll get the point and leave me alone. No such luck, he continues to egg me on swerving in front of me and driving like a retard. I get tired of this and take off, losing him in a matter of seconds. I get about a mile away from him and slow down. Thinking I lost him, I turn the radio back on and resume my commute home when the jackass comes flying up the shoulder and barely misses me. Then his passenger hangs out the window and flips me off. Then they slow down to around 20 mph. I can't pass them, the slower I go, the slower they go. I come to a stop, they stop I speed up they speed up too. It's coming to the point where the only choice I'm looking at is stopping the car, getting out and doing something bad. They are swerving back and forth across the two lane highway when all of the sudden and I swear to god this is true, they catch the end of a guard rail, rip off the nose of their car and slam into the rail. I cannot believe what I'm seeing , but not wanting any part of this I take off and go home.

My question to the Subaru community is this. There has got to be other members on this forum, (I've seen some of their cars on the members car galleries), that are constantly harassed by jack offs trying to race them. Not even taking into consideration the possibility of crashing your car, the tickets, the outrageous insurance rates, possible loss of license and even death that could result from racing another person on the street, I would love to hear the creative ways Nasioc members get themselves out of racing. I'm completely serious, I just have no idea why this honda was so intent on racing me.
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