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Originally Posted by Ferraz View Post
162whp is close to WRX power!! A 160+whp NA engine must fell very good!!
Not even close. The only reason why a na and torque car looks similar is because you are just looking at peak numbers. A TD04 falls flat on its face in higher rpms. This dramatically limits peak hp numbers. You see 160-170 whp on a WRX. You may see around this on some na engines. They don't make nearly the same torque. The na will put down 150-160 ft-lbs. The turbo will put down double that. It'll put down 280-320 ft-lb around 4k rpm. A na engine isn't even in the same city let alone the same ballpark. Now there is an upside. HP is the end all factor. It is what defines energy out, i.e. what makes our car go. Because the WRX does stick it so low in the rpm band, it gives up a lot of potential that it could have had if the turbo was larger and the peak range was placed higher. Also because how we drive and our gearing, we typically sit between 5k rpm to redline speeding up. This is above the efficiency range of the stock TD04, and the turbo car loses a good bit of their potential advantage. Hurray for us!? Nope, all the turbo owner needs to do is toss on a bigger turbo, and they instantly make 300-400hp, and we are now not even in the same state. Forced induction is a multiplier.

Big HP on na is a hobby. It's what you do when you aren't really trying to make big power. It's what you do as a hobby, just to see what you can make the little engine do. It's what you do when you have $10k you don't know what to do with and want to try something a little out of the ordinary.
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