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Interesting discussion.

The 40whp increase can easily be explained by the per cylinder timing compensations. I've done this before in airboys dyno......went out and logged and came back and was shocked to see i was making 40whp less.....I forgot that i put the timing comps back in my daily driver map.

it pulls 3* of timing out.....which can easily be the majority of the 40whp.

My thought on this at the moment are that it seems like a pain in the ass for no power gain. I guess I have to experience the "easier to drive the car around town" part for myself but that just seems weird. Are you talking about off boost driving? Transitions? I know its hard to describe but what exactly are you talking about? To me driving around town is closed loop driving so what exactly is better? its just smoother?

But since ur running E85 and probably a crapload of timing everywhere and easily at mbt without any knock, then who really cares about the AFR jumping +-0.5? Do you think you're missing out on power cause you cant get it consistently lean?

My car jumps the same +-0.5 AFR all the time. When my AFR leans/riches during a WOT pull it shows no discernible change in power......

The fueling in the ecu is the biggest pain because of all the per injector compensations, maf compensations, and timing comps. The injectors are setup to add pulse width (IIRC) per injector and i think 2 of them are the same just like the PC timing. So if you go from 500cc injectors to 740's, 850's or 1000's you just totally threw off that comp, our bigger intakes threw off the MAF comps, and our fuel rails,porting, and tuning threw off the need for the timing comps.

And who tunes the IAT timing comps? Do you guys really sit and let the IAT's reach 100* + and then tune the timing? Then let the temp go to 120* and retune, 140 retune all the way up to 200*?

I pretty much gave up "fine tuning" because i just dont believe in it anymore. I just changed my AVCS and timing maps in my car to s203 timing and avcs stock maps and did a pull and made the same power.

Now if i want 30whp more i'll do the smart thing and just buy the next biggest turbo.
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