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Originally Posted by moonzie View Post
Personally - chains? really?

I've driven through snow that drifted up 16"+ and ice and slush in some good all season tires and had no difficulty manuevering on the road whether I'm parking or driving on the highway. Hell I'll even admit to stupid passing manuevers in said conditions.

Chains just really seem unnecessary for me - in midwest south/central Indiana.
I was thinking that too, but I personally do go further and run Blizzaks in the winter.

HOWEVER, I'm under the impression the OP is talking about driving on routes and in conditions where chains are MANDATED by the state.

I do wonder though, in consditions like that, are studded snows an option or does it HAVE to be chains?

I also wonder if such regulations are a bit outdated if you were talking about a vehicle as good in snow as a Scoobie, along with say at least dedicated snow tires. The Baja (and the Forester before it) have always been ABSOLUTELY ROCK SOLID in the Blizzards and ice storms I've gone out to "play" in.
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