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Default Directions how to install AVCS heads in a non AVCS car and not use AVCS

This is a post regarding the installation of AVCS heads into a non AVCS car and disabling AVCS. There are many posts regarding how to do this, but I did not find any that explained everything in a nut shell. So any information in this post is from hours of researching and asking questions, just compiled into one post, to save time and ultimately frustration that this build can be. If im wrong with any of this info please post, messing up anything to do with engine oil is no joke.

My setup.
2006 wrx heads ( ej255 with AVCS)
2008 STI block (ej257)
2002 wrx ( the car that the engine is going into, just utilizing the stock ecu, harness, and manifold)

Ways to go about it.
To use your stock 2002 wrx cam gears you MUST run all oil lines to the AVCS system, and you MUST leave the solenoids installed but unplugged ( you couldn’t plug them in you harness anyway). And you MUST tap and fill the oil line holes in the front of the intake cam with set screws. Sounds like a pain but it was cake. Hears the link, I used standard size 10/38 and tap because its easier to find and is almost exactly the same size
When using your stock wrx cam gear you must also buy a cam angle bracket in order to utilize the camshaft position sensor.

Other way
Use v8 STI cam gears that have same cam pick up point on it that the 02 driver side cam gear does, and it also has the correct setup so you do not have to tap and fill the oil line holes in the front of the cam. You will need to use both intake cam gears because they both have oil running through them . If this is your case then follow this guide, although you may have to still utilize the cam sensor angle bracket depending on the year heads you have. And remember you MUST still install the AVCS oil lines and AVCS solenoids (unplugged).

Basically that’s it really , just in one thread instead of many . Of course you could always save up money and buy a setup to run the AVCS.
o and what some one told me "Not to worry you but if you screw this up you will toast your motor within the first 2 minutes of running."
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