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11/17/2009 – Somewhere in Texas on the trip home from RTA Finals 2009.

Turn In Concepts is proud to announce their first national title in the Redline Time Attack series by winning the 2009 Redline Time Attack Yokohama Buddy Club AWD Street Tire Class East v West Shootout in Fontana, California in what has proven to be a very exciting and challenging week.

Starting out by leaving TiC Headquarters in Fairfield, OH the evening of November 10th, three members of the team began to make their way to California with the TiC time attack car in tow. The trip didn’t last long though as some bad lasagna quickly halted the trek westward.

A hotel stay to see if it would blow over and a lot of Gatorade later the team was back on the road. After some very long driving with no breaks, TiC made it in time for some testing that was scheduled to take place on Friday at Thunderhill Raceway.

This having been TiC’s first outing to Thunderhill the team took it slowly, but as the day got warmer the laps got faster and more consistent, falling right in line with what is needed for the season closing event. With testing completed, TiC packed up the car and headed down to Fontana and the Auto Club Speedway for RTA finals.

The team knew this would be a tough event as it’s a course favoring higher horsepower cars. Latest word was the competition for the shootout had more than double the 365WHP that TiC was putting down in their 04 WRX and the hope was that the total balance approach taken by TiC would prove to be enough to take the win.

The plan was to practice on Saturday, and then wait out Sunday for the final shootout. Sadly, much like how the trip started, those plans quickly changed when it was found during car inspection after the last practice session one of the older front top hats that TiC was using suffered a failure.

Some quick thinking led the team to their old friend Tom at Kartboy as they knew he had some Vorshlag Motorsports camber plates for a car TiC has been helping to build for another event. Sunday morning Tom delivered the plates to the garage at Auto Club Speedway.

Despite this small success in getting new plates a new alignment had to be dialed in, and tested. With very little time left the team made a decision; they would have to run the regular street class time attack session. There would be no points awarded to the team, but it would get them valuable on track time to finalize any new settings.

Taking things easy on the car, team driver Tony Wiesenhahn took the car out to get some feedback for the team. After some more adjustment, the team went out for the final session before the shootout, and disaster struck again. Tony W noticed a bit of moisture on the windshield on the last lap of the session, and promptly pulled the car back into the garage.

The team noticed steam flowing from under the hood edges and vents, and fearing the w orst slowly opened the hood. A frantic search for a leak under the hood revealed the radiator fan had been pushed back against the upper radiator hose causing a hole to form. This was a new problem the team had yet to encounter and as such did not have a spare hose.

In a last minute rally of grit and determination in the true never say die spirit of TiC everyone went running through the parking lot looking for Subaru owners who would be willing to help out. A bugeye owner named Brad answered the call, and lent TiC the hose needed.

With minutes left to get in grid TiC swapped the hose, cleaned the car, purged the system and drove to the start line.

It seemed that the long day had not only been hard on TiC, but also a number of other teams as well. With the start of the session drawing ever closer, there was still no sign of the Western Region AWD Champion, Reese Tuning. With a minute to spare the competition’s car was slowly pushed into the pits. The TiC team had noted that the competition’s car was still on jack stands just minutes before the start of the event with reports of mechanical problems coming from onlookers.

The start of the shootout saw TiC lay down a warm up lap with no problems, but everyone watching saw that the competition was smoking badly. The first flying lap for the TiC WRX was their fastest of the day at 1:48.8 while the Reese Tuning Evo followed up with a 1:49.5. After just one flying lap the Evo was smoking badly enough that officials saw fit to black flag the car and force it into the pits early in order to safe guard the track for the other competitors. With that Team Turn in Concepts had secured its first national championship in the Redline Time Attack!

“This was a trying weekend and a race that was won not only on the track, but also in the garage. Mature teams who had a well established, well proven base to work from did well, and came out on top.” Said team member Tony Barber.

When asked what’s next the Team TiC was happy to state that the season was actually not over yet. Through an invitation by BiggsB Enterprises the team will be traveling back out to California in the beginning December to campaign the car in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the longest on track endurance race in the world.

As for the close of Redline Time Attack 2009 the new National AWD Street Champs would like to thank the following:

Subaru and Subaru of America
P&L Motorsports
Performance Alignment
A huge, and very special thank you to Brad for the radiator hose
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