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Originally Posted by PolarisSnT View Post
Good job.
Thanks man, haven't seen you post much. You still have your WRX?

Originally Posted by SharpByCoop View Post
Good clean driving. I love these in-car vids.

I'm pleased for you. Especially after torturing yourself on two Sundays at Island Dragway for this.

Consider our Black Friday get together at Atco next week. Great talking with you, Dave!


Thanks Coop, if the weather looks good on the 25th, then I'll pack the family in the WRX for Thanksgiving travel and be at Atco on the 27th. And thanks again for going out of your way for the Q16.

Originally Posted by 2002WRXSTi View Post
I will have to try to find my time slips to see what my 60' foot average was? I know I was in the 1.6's with it all stock with NeoGens but there were a lot of 1.7 and 1.8's in the mix
Man, you would think the 60' was in the 2.0's with the comments from all of the hotshoes in here. I just checked through the ALL VF thread and there isn't one GD 5MT in the 1.6's (not even you Mr. 1.84 on your built 5MT Medina). I think you 6MT guys don't understand just how much the stock 5MT gearing and diffs suck for drag.

Originally Posted by ride5000 View Post
nice job OL!
Thanks ride!

Originally Posted by STi Mikey View Post
Nice!! 1.5 tenths more off of the 60ft and you will be flirting with 11's, do it up!
Thanks Mikey! Like I said above, a 1.6 isn't going to happen on my stock 5MT without making boost at the line with LC and LC will surely kill this trans. Over the winter I plan to go 6MT and I believe the car will be faster even with the weight hit.

Originally Posted by 666stars View Post
That's Nice power for a v8, just put in my V7 and getting tuned next week with
opensource on jdm ecu with avcs wired in
And running aquamist 2d should get some nice power
Thanks man, looking forward to your results, make sure you post them up. I plan to get my meth kit fixed up and will be retuned with it in the Spring. I'm not a fan of the race gas.

Originally Posted by JaMes W View Post
Nice man! Good start for a new setup.
Thanks man, I'm very pleased with the start.

Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
nice start with the new setup.......but arent u disappointed that u upgraded from a td04 to (what im assuming) a high dollar twin scroll setup and ur time is practically the same.....and u were on q16?

was the 315whp tune on q16? seems low for a vf on a dynojet on q16, no?

and the 21 psi seems low too.....some of the s203 roms i've seen are at 21-21.5 psi on the stock tune.

do u possibly have an overlay of the td04 tune vs the vf37 tune?

whats ur opinion on the new powerband compared to the old one?

and was this tune maxed out or did u just add the q16 at the track for safety?

not trying to be a downer or an ass, just curious.....
This is why I love me some Phatron! I don't find your post to be a downer or assish, good questions that are making me go where I didn't want to go, guessing and saying the "c" word. Past experience tells me the car has at least 2 tenths in it just in better driving and yes, the 21 psi is very low on Q16. It was 107 in the dyno room and there was only one tiny fan, so the tune is conservative. I don't want to jinx myself by making predictions, but will say that Junior believes that the car has a TON more in it. Like I said above, I'm planning to put the meth back on and putting a 3" catback on it (it still has a 2.5" atm) and retuning closer to 25psi in the Spring. On the race gas, the car is better in every way over the previous 205/td04 setup. On pump, the torque is a bit lower then I would like.
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