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Originally Posted by cdnsigop View Post
b) a tendancy to stall at idle a few seconds into a cold start, and the odd time after a WOT run, when idleing at a stoplight. I have adjusted the antistall maps extensively, even increased the idle speed. No go. In my obsessive quest for info on this forum and others, as well as google, I have seen one solution calling for a longer pipe between maf and turbo. I cant get my head around how this could work though. The MAF voltage is clamped at idle! Maybe someone could explain it..
Maybe this-->
Originally Posted by subachad View Post
Recirculate your BOV. My car ran MUCH better with the recirculated BOV than with it to atmosphere.

Here's the thing... With my old down pipe, the car ran great with the BOV open. By adding a divorced style wastegate dump into the downpipe (see my getting more for less article) the car would no longer run well with the BOV open and here is why. Before, the BOV would actually suck air at idle. Once the new down pipe was installed, the BOV would blow at idle, which basically means I am boosting at idle with the TD04L and high flow down pipe. By recirculating the BOV it made the car quit stalling at idle and during cold starts. For some reason, the E-Manage was no longer able to cope with the open BOV... oh and I replaced the BOV with another one I had. Appearantly when running more than 7psi, you don't want the BOSCH BOV's to see all that boost, it rips the little diaphram inside. To fix this "t" off the vacuum line into the engine side of the MAF.

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